Please note that we do our best to keep the menu up to date but due to ingredient delivery the following is subject to change day to day
Main Menu


Platter for 2 to Share - 2 x King Prawns Cooked to your Choice (see below), Pork Goujons, Arancini & A selection of Bread and Dips £9.95

Selection of Home made Bread with Olives £2.75 (V)

Garlic Bread £3.20 (V) (With tomato 75p or mozzarella £1.30)

Potato Skins with Garlic or Barbeque Dip £3.60

Soup of the Day £3.95

Arancini con Dolcelatte £4.50 (crispy breaded risotto balls flavoured with Dolcelatte cheese)

Chicken Liver Pate with Warm Toast £4.95

        Garlic Mushrooms on Crostini Bread £5.25 (V)

Goujons of Chicken with Garlic or Barbeque Dip £5.25

Fresh Lobster ravioli £6.75

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad £4.95 (V)

Bartolacci: crispy filled ravioli filled with soft cheese and sage and hazelnut pesto  £5.75

 Baked Goats Cheese on a Mediterranean Vegetable Timbale with Basil Oil £5.75 (V)

Italian Cured Meats with Homemade Bread & Olives £5.95

Crab pot mixed with a course grain and nutmeg mayo served with toast £ 6.95

Calamari (Squid) £5.50- White wine and garlic or Tomato & Chiili or Salt or Chilli & Pepper

Cozze (Mussels) £5.75 - Garlic, white wine & cream or Tomato & Chilli

Gamberoni (King Prawns) £6.25 - White wine & garlic butter or salt, Chilli & Pepper or Calabrian style with tomato and nduja and cherry tomato



 Surf and Turf (sirloin steak with prawns) £17.25


Sirloin Steak (with mushrooms and tomato) £15.65


Sirloin Steak served with your choice of sauce £16.75

Diane (mushrooms, onions, French mustard and cream), Au Poivre (cream, peppercorns and demi-glace) Port and Dolcelatte, Blue Cheese

Chargrilled sirloin Steak with rocket pecorino shaving and roasted cherry tomatoes  drizzled with a balsamic reduction £15.95.

Calabrian style steak strips with peppers onions and cherry tomatoes served with rice £11.50

(Our sirloin steaks are mature with an uncooked weight of between 10 and 12 oz)

Chicken Vincenzo (breast with white wine, mushrooms and tarragon) £9.95

Chargrilled chicken with rosemary lemon and garlic butter served on wilted spinach £9.95.

Mediterranean Chicken breadcrumb and Parmesan crust serve ed on top of mixed veg drizzled with basil oil and balsamic reduction £9.95

Chicken au Poivre £ 9.95

Chicken Neptune Breast with a Shellfish Bisque and King Prawn Sauce £12.95

Twice Cooked Belly Pork with King Prawns in a Sweet Chilli Sauce £12.95

Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks in a Treacle Red Wine Sauce £13.75

Slow Braised Shoulder of Lamb with roast garlic and rosemary sauce £ 13.50

Sea Bass with Mussels served with a limoncello and dill bisque£13.95

Gamberoni (King Prawns) £15.95

Cooked in white wine and garlic butter, or
Calabrian style with tomato nduja and cherry tomato, or
, chilli and pepper

 The above dishes are served with vegetables and sautéed potatoes or chips

Cozze (Mussels) Served with Home-baked bread £10.95

Cooked in garlic, white wine and cream, or
Tomato and chilli

Side dishes £2.65 each:

Tomato and onion salad/Green Salad/Mixed salad

Chunky chips/Parmesan Potatoes

Pasta and Risotto

Red Pepper and Spinach Lasagne (V) £6.95

Butternut Squash and Sage Cannelloni (V) £6.95

Oven Baked Lasagne £7.00

Pasta Al Forno (penne baked with bolognese, ham, béchamel and cheese) £7.00

Traditional Chicken Risotto £7.00

Seafood Risotto (squid, mussels, prawns with a touch of bisque and topped with king prawns) £8.50

Pea & Pecorino Risotto with a Mint Pesto (V) £6.95

Risotto Nduja a spicy salami paste with cherry tomatoes and red onions 7.95

The following Pasta dishes are served with a choice of either

Penne or Linguine

 Arrabiata (tomato, chilli & garlic) (V) £6.00

Bolognese £6.95      
Carbonara (bacon and cream) £6.95
Matriciana (bacon, chilli and tomato) £6.95
Salmone (smoked salmon with cream and black pepper) £7.00
Roasted vegetables in Tomato Sauce (V) £7.00
Pasta Della Casa (pepperoni, onions, peas with tomato, cream & chilli sauce) £7.35

Pasta "Aunty Luisa"(Dolcelatte cheese with cream and topped with pecorino shavings and walnuts) £7.25

Pasta Nduja (Nduja ~ spicy salami paste, tomato sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes and basil oil £7.95

Linguine Al Mare (crab, king prawn, prawns, shellfish oil, chilli, garlic and cherry tomatoes) £9.95.                                                  

Purple gnocchi with goat cheese cherry tomato and spinach with a touch of cream £. 8.95                                                                                                                               Any half pasta dish £5.50


Margherita (V) (tomato and cheese) £6.00

Napoli (olives and anchovies) £6.95
Ham and Pinapple £6.95
Bolognese £7.00
Fiorentina (V) (spinach and egg) £6.95

Funghi and dolcelatte £7.50

Vegetarian (V) £6.95

Salmon and Asparagus £7.00

Vulcano (pepperoni and chilli) £7.00
Calzone (folded with tomato, onions, ham and mushrooms) £7.00

Vegetarian Calzone (V) (folded with roasted vegetables and goats cheese) £6.95

Lucifer (pepperoni, chilli and peppers) £7.00
Mixed Seafood £7.50
Quatro Stagioni (four seasons with peppers, ham and onions) £7.00
Kiev (chicken and garlic) £7.20

Quatro Fromaggi (V) (blue cheese, pecorino, goats cheese and mozzarella) £7.50

Prawn chili and garlic £7.20

Rustica (V) (tomato, garlic, roasted vegetables, rocket and pecorino shavings) £7.30

Sicilian Calzone (fresh diced tomatoes, baby mozzarella, olives and chopped anchovies) £7.75

Vincenzo's (prosciutto, rocket, tomato & mozzarella) £7.95

Calabria (tomato, nduja - spicy salami paste, pepperoni, pecorino shavings and rocket) £7.95

Any half pizza with chips or salad £6.50

 Additional toppings are available and will be charged at 75p each

with the exception of  Parma ham which is available at £1.25 extra


Cannoli Siciliani: a sweet crispy pastry filled with scented soft cheese pistachios and chocolate dip£4.00

Banoffie Pie £4.00

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream £4.50
 Italian Styled Pistachio Cake with Strawberry Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce £4.95
Zuppa inglese:an Italian twist on trifle made with Marsala soaked sponge,custard and chocolate £4.50
Cheesecake (please ask) £4.50

Vincenzo's Snowball:shortbread base coconut ice-cream rolled in chocolate and desiccated coconut £4.00

 Vincenzo’s Brownie with Hot Fudge Sauce, Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream £4.50

Rasberry Meringue with Orange Curd & Chocolate Ice Cream £4.50

All of our desserts are home-made

Ice-cream £3.95

Choose from: Vanilla Pod/Cherry and Chocolate/Strawberry/Chocolate/Coconut

Lemon or Mango Sorbet £3.95

(All of our ice-cream is made by a local north-east company

using a secret Italian recipe)


Pot of Tea for one £1.60   Pot of flavoured Tea for one £2.00

Luxury Fair-trade Hot Chocolate with Cream £2.60

Filter Coffee £1.75  Coffee Latte £2.50

Cappuccino £2.50   Espresso £2.00   Double Espresso £2.50

Liqueur Coffee £4.00










                                           Lunch and Early Dinner Menu



Bread and Olives (V) £2.25

Potato Skins with either a garlic or barbeque dip £2.25

Soup of the Day (please ask) £2.25


Main Courses

Pasta                                                Pizza                                  

Pasta al forno                             Margherita (V)

Lasagne                                     Calzone    

Bolognese                                  Goats Cheese Calzone (V)

Arrabiata (V)                                      Quattro Stagione

Matriciana                                  Vulcano

Carbonara                                  Napoli

Vegetarian Lasagne                          Bolognese

Pea and pecorino  Risotto (V)        


Choice of Penne or Linguinie with Pasta dishes

All of the above Pizzas and Pastas £4.50


Italian sausage al forno:slices of Italian sausage with mushroom and onions tomato sauce baked and served with chips and garlic toast £8.25

Mixed fish cake with warm tartara sauce served with chips or dressed salad leaf £8.25  

Braised beef with port and thyme jus served with either vegetable or chips £ 8.25

Chicken mushroom and leek lasagne £ 8.25